The RGifts Logo And The Year of 2021

As we near the end of 2021, we would like to announce the launch of our new website in 2021 to help encapsulate RGifts vast recent growth with its £7-million turnover. There will be a monthly blog post uploaded on the site which will explore everything RGifts for that month!

Our New Website & More

RGifts is a company which was originally started back in 2014 by our CEO Rhys King from a 1-bedroom flat in Cardiff. Fast-forwarding to now, in 2021, the company is incredibly successful with a £7-million turnover and has grown in size exponentially from its self-funded start-up origins! 

The RGifts website was created to highlight the true meaning of the company by exhibiting its projects, beliefs and practices. We believe that through the launch of this website, we can bring together potential customers, employees and business contacts. 

Each of our products and projects is created and shipped in-house to ensure a top-quality service from start to finish which has always been a focus for the company. Through the new website, each of these project websites; Star Name Registry, Maps For Moments and Pick a Poem are easy to find. Also, the Corporate Orders landing page can be accessed through this new site to ease the process of finding a great corporate order deal.

Recently this year, we also expanded the number of payment options we accept with our gift websites. We now accept over 50 types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and even Dogecoin! One of our main company beliefs is that cryptocurrency will become a huge part of our societies future so promoting the use of it has been imperative for us. The development of cryptocurrencies will continue to be a focus for RGifts and accepting them as a form of payment is just the beginning of this. Expect many blog posts highlighting our crypto-passions, as well as posts focusing on the general development of technology and other related topics.

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