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Wales Fast Growth Awards & More | The October Update

Attending the Wales Fast Growth Awards in Cardiff this month was an honour! With three nominations, a place on the 50 fastest-growing welsh business list and an award win, our team is so proud of what we achieved. As well as our exciting celebrations in Cardiff, this month’s focus has also been on supporting our staff by offering several team building and leisure activities for the team!

The 23rd Wales Fast Growth Awards

Since 1999, the Wales Fast Growth Awards has been dedicated to celebrating successful Welsh companies and talent. The inclusion onto their fast-growing list was a privilege in itself but to be nominated for three awards, as well as, win the international award, was such a tremendous achievement. We would like to congratulate the other companies which earned a space on the list, as well as the award nominees and winners! 

The award show took place in the Mercure Hotel in Cardiff. It was refreshing to see so many people dressed up to celebrate their business achievements. Especially after the events of the last 18 months! The food and drinks service at the Wales Fast Growth Awards was incredible. The organisers of the event should be honoured for its success! We are intrigued to see which talent will be highlighted in the 24th Wales Fast Growth Awards.

Go-Karting & More

The awards night was an ideal occasion to help our staff and employees to find some time to relax out of their busy work schedules. Although, further activities outside of work time are also imperative to keep everyone motivated. For example, this month, we also took some time to spend a few hours of our working day at a Grand Prix style event at a local go-karting track. This allowed everyone to take part in some team-building with some healthy competition! 

Mindfulness sessions during work time have also been offered regularly for all staff members. This has helped to ensure that they have a safe space to look after their mental health. This becomes increasingly important leading up to Christmas due to our company focus on personalised gifts! Overall, October was a great month for RGifts! We are so proud of our achievements at the Wales Fast Growth Awards but, more importantly, however, our focus on taking care of our staff’s mental health has continued to be imperative to us.

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