black friday 2021

Black Friday 2021 | Preparation Tips & More

As Black Friday 2021 is only a week away, we wanted to share tips on how to prepare for all the exciting sales while sticking to a budget to not overspend! Consumer Reports this year have released some top tips to do just this.

Black Friday 2021

I’m sure some of you have been preparing for Black Friday 2021 already, but extensive planning in advance can ensure you get the best deals while not spending too much. For example, it’s understandable that the big-ticket items such as TVs, smart speakers, laptops and such are the most popular items for shoppers during the Black Friday sales, but due to 2021 shortages, the deals might not be the ideal purchase this year. The possibility of higher shipping costs and delivery waiting times are also something to make a note of this year.

Another tricky thing to manoeuvre around is knowing when to start taking advantage of the sales and when to stop. Not only are companies beginning to start their festive sales earlier, but there is also Cyber Monday following from Black Friday. So, when is the best time to start buying the deals? Black Friday or should we wait for the Cyber Monday deals?

What are the best tips for Black Friday 2021 according to Consumer Reports?

1. Starting Early:

An analyst revealed that starting early is most likely the best strategy as not only brands are starting their sales earlier but, products may sell out quickly or fail to arrive according to your delivery time. Examples of these products that need to be purchased as soon as possible are children’s toys and technological products due to manufacturing shortages earlier in the year. Another example of products that should be bought as quickly as possible would be personalised gifts as they often need some extra time to ship the products due to the personalisation process. 

2. Focus on Online Shopping:

While there will be several in-store promotions running for major retailers, the best deals are commonly found online. Experts have predicted that the days of high discounts in stores are almost over due to the post-pandemic effects on in-store retail. Therefore, make the most of the online deals you can find. 

3. Use Social Media To Your Advantage:

Many brands often take to social media to reward their most loyal customers. Black Friday 2021 has been predicted to have some great deals on social media due to the fact that many brands have started to step up their social media marketing strategies. Using tweets, messages and texts can also be the best way to share the most useful deals this year with your friends and family, also! 

Our gift websites, Star Name Registry and Maps For Moments will have some irresistible deals during Black Friday 2021 so make sure you don’t miss them! Follow our accounts on social media and check our websites regularly in the run-up to Black Friday next week.

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