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Year in Search 2021 | The Trends, Topics and More!

Looking back at 2021, what do you remember? If you’re struggling to think of anything, Google Year in Search is there to save the day! Topics ranging from vaccinations, Bernie Sanders and mittens, staycations and ‘red light green light’ each took centre stage. 

What is Google Year in Search?

You would be forgiven in thinking that the events 2020 and 2021 have basically merged into one long depressing year. Luckily, Google have released 2021’s Year in Search! Through the use of their Trends platform and website, people are able to see what topics, questions and themes were trending throughout the year. 

Google Year in Search is available to look back at 20 years worth of trending searches through their search engine. If you’re looking for a nostalgic trip, taking a look back through the years might be exactly what you need leading up to Christmas. Going back to 2001 for example, Harry Potter was the most popular movie that year, and coincidentally, we are celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the series with a New Years Day special with the actors.

What about 2021’s Google Year in Search?

As a result of constant technological improvements, developments and inventions, many of the trends in the Year in Search 2021 are revolved around those aspects. For example in January, Doomscrolling was searched more than ever globally, as well as the TikTok viral trend, Sea Shanties. Very differently though, February saw a rise in searches for power outages causing the term to trend worldwide thanks to several global blackouts.

A focus on jobs and careers overtook some of the trends in this year’s Year in Search too. At the end of January, for example, the search for ‘how to start a business’ overtook ‘how to find a job. Arguably more amazing, ‘how to ask for a raise’ topped ‘how to ask’. Many people utilised lockdown to take the opportunity to volunteer in important aspects instead of focusing on their careers too. Vaccination volunteer was the top trending volunteer opportunity the world searched for this year.

It seems that a lot of Google users took to the platform to also search for love. More than ever, soulmate was searched more than ever according to Google’s Year in Search 2021. Surprisingly though, searches for long-distance relationships hit a five-year low this year. As well as love, the health of ourselves and the planet became a focus for the population this year. How to conserve and how to move with plants were prominent in this year’s report. In fact, how to move with plants overtook how to move with kids and how to move with pets this year. This year too, how to maintain mental health was searched more than ever before!

Overall, this year’s Google Trends Year in Search has obviously been affected and somewhat controlled by the unprecedented events of covid and other aspects. Where can I travel took a spotlight, most likely due to the uncertainty over global travel and lockdowns, as well as global searches for when can I get a covid booster increased exponentially.

Interested to see what else was trending this year? Take a look here.

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