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Company Goals For 2022 | Smart Goals, Importance & more!

As the Christmas period is well and truly over, it is time to highlight our plans for 2022!  We are focusing on specific company goals for 2022, as well as encouraging our employees to think of personal goals (in both a professional and personal manner). Although, how does one decide on the goals they will follow for the year? Is there a framework or theory to follow? Or does it simply depend on your personal situation?

The Issue With Identifying Goals

In a world where previous Love Island winner, Molly Mae believes that no matter your current situation, you’re able to achieve greatness, it is understandable that you may feel inadequate as a result. However, it’s important to grasp that most people differ in the pace they can achieve their goals and that you shouldn’t feel insufficient to those who achieve at an expeditious pace. In truth, influencers such as Molly Mae for example are actually affecting the motivation of individuals by discouraging through unrealistic expectations. Thus, when thinking of both your company goals for 2022, as well as your individual goals, it’s vital to take your own personal motivations and abilities into consideration. 

Although, why are goals important? Simply put, goals allow individuals and companies to analyse their performance by calculating how many goals they have achieved. Carefully selecting attainable goals, possible through the SMART Goal Framework, depending on how realistic you have set them, your company goals for 2022 can be achieved!

The SMART goal framework is ideal as it gives a specific guideline to follow to further increase the chances of you achieving what you have set for yourself or your company, When utilising this framework, each goal needs to follow the ‘Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Based’ to ensure they are compatible with your situation and ambition

What Are RGift’s Company Goals For 2022?

In essence, we are striving to be the leading supplier in the space-based gifts industry. To achieve this, we are in the process of creating a Space Gifts website where we will sell more than the high-quality personalised gifts we sell now. In fact, we are hoping to stock products that are great for the entire family, especially for the little aspiring astronauts! Space is such a huge topic, and we are aiming to create products that hold educational value, as well as provide entertainment. As a family-friendly focused company, this goal will be our main ambition for 2022. The products will entice children and our operational and customer service teams will entice adults through the high-quality work they regularly achieve.

As well as our company goals for 2022, though, there will be a focus on encouraging individual employee goals. By assigning objectives and goals to work through, it can give an individual a clear framework to follow during the year, thus increasing productivity as there should be a clear plan to follow! If you haven’t included this in your 2022 plans at your company or business, it isn’t too late! 

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