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2022 Technologies | Exciting Trends To Look Out For This Year

Technology is a huge part of our society and it will continue to develop throughout 2022. Recent developments with technologies such as cryptocurrencies and VR/AR have continued to enter the mainstream in the last few years. Though, what will be trending with 2022 technologies, though? 

What Is Next For 2022 Technologies?

Recently, Silicon Valley & technology pros, Apple, was named the first publicly-traded company to reach a $3tr valuation. All while, Blackberry, the mobile telecommunication company which blended personal and business lives together through their iconic mobile design, pulled the plug!

It’s clear in the technology industry that you have to stay innovative, focus on clever marketing, as well as create tech that consumers or businesses need or want. So which 2022 technologies should take on these aspects that you need to survive in such a cut-throat industry?

The Next Top 3 Technologies For 2022
  1. Blockchain –
    As a company, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are a focus for us. In fact, we accept over 50 types of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for each of our gift websites. Including; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and more! Although most people believe that blockchain technologies are entirely used to support the crypto industry, there is so much more to it than that and we believe that it will be a major factor in 2022 technologies. To name just a few, blockchain can help with many tasks outside of recording financial transactions as a result of its versatility. These include; storing medical records, enabling the control and distribution of vaccines, tracking the flow of goods, keeping personal credit records, and more. This will be a major player in the tech industry, we just know it!
  2. AI Technologies:
    AI is a tech that can be utilised in all industries rather easily. In 2020, a huge range of industries utilised AI development. The banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) and medical industries had the largest market share and use and in 2021, the market size & value was at a huge $93.53 billion. AI also allows for developments within the customer service industry which is where we plan to utilise it in the future. AI tech, Chatbots have been around since 1997 when British AI scientist, Rollo Carpenter created the Eviebot which is still available online to this day. It learns from what people who use the website say to her to develop a real-human tone of voice. Will these continue to develop this year making AI a highlight of 2022 technologies? We think so!
  3. Cybersecurity
    One of the most recognisable things to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic is how people are beginning to really take notice of their cyber security levels online. The continuation of the loss of trust many people now have means that cybersecurity will be a major player in 2022 technologies in our opinion. Thankfully with the development of AI tech has emerged within the cybersecurity industry meaning targeted phishing attacks, cybersecurity threats in higher education etc. have remained mostly controlled. By the end of 2021, cybersecurity was a focus for many companies, mainly due to the fact that data breach costs increased from to $4.24 million in 2021 (the highest in the past 17 years). 

Of course, the top 2022 technologies lists could differ with each company or individual. We have chosen these simply as they are close to our company values. In fact, each of these could arguably fit into our focus on cryptocurrencies. So… this is our list, but what is yours?

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