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How to Find High-Profit Products to Sell on Ebay? | RGifts Beginnings

This blog post explains why beginning your selling journey via eBay might be the ideal way! You might have to start with second-hand products, but once you have experience and have earned some money, you can move on to some high-profit products!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a perfect plan or set up to start something new! In fact, our CEO started his e-commerce success via eBay himself when he was just 14 years old. RGifts’ products are still sold via online stores such as eBay, even though we have several international websites.

Why Starting on eBay to Sell High-Profit Products Might Be Ideal For you?

So, how can eBay help you start to sell multiple items online? Firstly, it’s incredibly simple (and arguably free) to set up a store/profile on the website, post a couple of products and get selling! Whereas, if you were to create a website yourself, you’d either have to have some knowledge of coding or pay a freelancer to do it.

Also, with eBay, it’s quite popular to sell second-hand items which often costs a lot less than buying specific products to sell. It might be tempting to move onto high margin products to sell online but using stuff around the house, buying cheap books from friends or family or, even checking out different charity shops might get you enough product to sell. As well, it’s important to remember that, the majority of people who Google secondhand, often end up on eBay!

Of course, after you have gained experience with using the platform and the practices of e-commerce, you may feel confident enough to move onto high-profit items! Buying things in bulk and selling on eBay is also a major reason why individuals use the platform. Our CEO, for example, utilised second-hand selling until he was comfortable enough to move on to bulk buying. He was lucky to source a good deal of women’s hair accessories, to begin with. Though, there are many places where eBayers might buy their stock from!

Can You Use Other Platforms?

When our CEO started, there was a lack of other platforms to use, so eBay was the platform he chose. However, what’s important when choosing a platform is that it’s easy to use and popular to use! For example, Facebook Marketplace has risen in popularity in recent years. Though, be cautious as some Facebook users are opposed to its integration into the social media platform. So, Googling ‘How do I get rid of the marketplace on Facebook’ is surprisingly common.

Ultimately, no matter the platform you choose, the product(s) that you choose are likely to be more important. After all, picking a product and being able to sell it is the objective. Nevertheless, using the tips above on choosing a platform could also be incredibly beneficial!

This blog will be part of a series where we explore starting in the world of e-commerce. From using free websites to sell secondhand items to setting up your own website, to selling something of your own. Through this new series, we will also be highlighting the developments of RGifts to one of the 20 fastest-growing companies in Wales!

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