Corporate Gift Packages For Employees UK
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Corporate Gift Packages for Employees UK | Name A Star Gifts

This blog post highlights why our Star Name Registry’s Name A Star gifts are perfect for any Corporate Gift Packages that you may need!

As a leading personalised gift company, we can offer some of the best corporate gift packages. As our focus is on personalised gifts, each gift will be seem almost completely unique. Thus, meaning that our Name a Star gifts from Star Name Registry can help you show true appreciation to your team and employees. We also have global reach so if you’re not based in the UK, that shouldn’t deter your from ordering from us.

What is Star Name Registry?

Star Name Registry was our first gift website that was launched and it focuses on Name A Star gifts and gift sets. Our gifts are perfect as a corporate gifting option as each star is able to be personalised for each recipient. Therefore, if you’re looking for unique corporate gift packages which highlight your appreciation to your team, then we may be exactly what you’re looking for. Also, every star named with us is added to our independent database meaning your employees or team can view their gift from anywhere in the world. 

Of course, it’s important to note that although our gifts are novelty products, we have ensured that the science behind the product is accurate. In fact, we believe that due to our custom technology, the personalisation of each of our products is at a level that our competition arguably is not able to reach.

Likewise, our Find My Star app, for example, allows users who have purchased a star through us to view their star from any time or place. Each star named with us is placed into our star registry so that even without the app, users are able to view their star’s info via our Star Name Registry website (e.g. coordinates of location etc.)

Why Are Our Gifts Perfect For Corporate Gift Packages for Employees UK

We are dedicated to providing the best customer service to every customer. We offer 24/7 customer service coverage through online chats, phone calls, emails and active social media monitoring. Although, we have gone one step further with our corporate order fulfilment by having a dedicated corporate team which is led by our Corporate Accounts Manager.

Indeed, our committed customer service care continues to be part of our corporate order department. Specifically, as we have several ongoing collaborations with corporate clients, steady and direct communication with our corporate accounts manager is imperative to offer excellent B2B service excellence.

Additionally, as we are an international company (with our main office being situated in Cardiff), it’s important that we continue this direct communication on an ‘all around the clock’ basis. Specifically, through the manager themselves and our dedicated customer service team, direct communication is maintained to ensure the client’s requests are constantly supported so that the service we provide is perfect. In fact, we believe the several testimonials we have received from corporate clients speak for themselves.

For example: “We needed to buy a sizeable amount of stars for an ambitious marketing campaign surrounding our fourth birthday. We were blown away by the standard of service from Jemma and the Star Name Registry team, who made buying a small galaxy a breeze! Should you be looking to claim your spot in the sky: look no further than here.” (Stephenson Law)

If you’re interested in placing a corporate order for some perfect corporate gift packages please go to our Corporate Gifts landing page via Star Name Registry’s website!

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