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123Cryptos | What’s Happened & What’s Coming Next

Crypto is complex, but if done in the right way, can be understood. This blog will showcase exactly how 123Cryptos will do it.

There are lots of exciting things happening in the background at the moment that we can’t wait to unveil to you. Too many people are either uncomfortable learning about finance or struggle to wrap their heads around sophisticated jargon. Together at 123Cryptos, we will learn crypto simply.

A Brief Background of 123Cryptos

Cryptocurrency has always played an influential role within our two companies: RGifts and Out Of This World Investments. Our founder, Rhys King, was an early investor in Bitcoin and soon became aware of its industry-disrupting potential. As a result, Rhys took the initiative to purchase the domain name 123Cryptos with the ultimate aim of one day creating a business solely around cryptocurrency. It is with great excitement that the original goals of 123Cryptos are coming to fruition this year.

An Educational Website with no Exclusivity

After having gotten to know Rhys for half a year now, it is evident that he has a desire to give back to the cryptocurrency community. After all, having been in the industry for nearly a decade, Rhys is no stranger to the trials and tribulations that come with cryptocurrency. Furthermore, a lot of people joined the space without really having an understanding of economics or even the basics of money and saving. Rhys witnessed this first-hand. Moreover, even today people are investing in all sorts of cryptos without realising the true fundamentals behind them. We believe that there should be a simple and engaging crypto education platform so that the average person can get by whilst understanding where the true value is. Therefore, it feels like now is a perfect time to explain the ins and outs of 123Cryptos.

Rhys and I will be conjuring up a simple blueprint for grasping cryptocurrency. There will be no, and we mean no overcomplicated jargon or unnecessary information. We strongly believe this only stifles learning and progression. One particular barrier to entry we have identified in the crypto industry is the lack of simplicity and ease of learning. The two of us remember when we first dipped our toes into the industry and we now recoil at how much of a lion’s den it can be. Unfortunately, on occasions, it’s unnecessarily ruthless whether it’s toxic maximalism or just trying to get your head around complex terminologies such as mining and Proof-of-Work.

With that said, at 123Cryptos you can breathe a sigh of relief as we will be eradicating as much of the confusion as possible. At 123Cryptos, you can expect an array of interactive lessons, games, and quizzes which simply and effectively explain all the important aspects of Bitcoin and crypto. We also appreciate that the best method of learning is by variation. That’s why we intend to complement our writing with thought-provoking podcasts and YouTube videos. Finally, it’s important to us that we come across in a personable way. We’re not teachers from school, nor are we lecturers at a university. It’s fundamental to us that 123Cryptos is nothing less than a community. As highlighted earlier, it’s about giving back at 123Cryptos and we aim to show that with the content we provide.

What’s Coming Next?

In the coming months, our education website, 123Cryptos, will be up and running. Until then, we are gathering as much information as possible so that we can offer the best interactive crypto education website out there. For instance, in just under a month we will be attending the Bitcoin conference in Miami. As we’ll be amongst the brightest heads in the community, it will be a great opportunity to soak up as much knowledge and advice as possible.

In the meantime, make sure you follow our socials and keep up to date with our latest blogs so that you are staying on top of everything crypto related. To sum up, we do believe right now is one of the most exciting and interesting times in financial history. We both look forward to everyone being part of it with us.

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