About Us

Behind every good brand is a compelling story, this is ours.

Starting out in 2014 from a one-bedroom apartment in Cardiff, RGifts was born. Founded by our CEO Rhys King, who had a vision of bettering his life after moving to Cardiff in his early twenties with only a bag of clothes. Rhys was determined to succeed and that he did!

Rhys’ vision was to not only create gifts that were meaningful and personalised but to create emotions when giving and receiving one of our products. Rhys’ love of space is where the products stem from, along with his ideology that the art of gift-giving is just as, and if not more, important than the receiving.

Cardiff Principality Stadium
rgifts global brand

Fast forward seven years and RGifts has now become a global brand, shipping to customers worldwide with warehouses in Australia, California, and the U.K.

We are super proud that all our products are created and assembled in-house and by that we mean the design, printing, framing, and distribution of all our products are done by our fantastic RGifts employees. That means that each of our products gets our stamp of approval after going through an extensive quality control process, ensuring that our customers receive the most perfect gift to send their loved ones.

But our quality control doesn’t stop there, we offer our customers a 5-star customer satisfaction guarantee with our own in-house customer service team.

RGifts Products

Star Name Registry was born first in the U.K. in 2014. The concept of naming a star for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or in memory of someone was launched. With our in-house developers employed first, our website www.star-name-registry.co.uk was launched and the development of the Star Register.

This is what sets us apart from competitors – our unique Star Register app means that we are the only star naming company that has developed a Star Register! It is the world’s largest and most recognised official database of stars viewable from anywhere on Earth.

After the U.K., America, Canada, Australia and Europe came next. And over the past seven years we continue to expand, giving us the global brand statue.

Star Name Registry and Maps for Moments
maps for moments

Maps For Moments came second, and in 2019 we created our Star Maps that beautifully illustrate the night sky of a special occasion. We were blown away by the reaction we had from the U.K. market for our star maps. We found we attracted a wider customer base who loved stylish wall hangings, so making purchases for themselves or purchasing on behalf of that special someone.

We have recently expanded Maps For Moments into two other countries including the U.S.A. and Australia, however, we ship worldwide. But our story doesn’t stop there, there is so much more to RGifts than our wonderful products.

Rhys is passionate about helping others and he promised that when he was in the position to give back, he would. Being a man of his word, in 2018, Rhys chose Life for African Mothers as RGifts sponsored charity. But this isn’t the only charity we sponsor. Read the story of why Life for African Mothers was founded and check out our other sponsored charities.

In the present day, RGifts has turned over £7 million in revenue in 2020-2021, and as a self-funded start-up, we think this is definitely something to shout about! Rhys has continued to develop himself alongside growing the business and has made investments in crypto assets, in particular, Bitcoin (read our cryptocurrency page here). 

Rhys is currently educating everyday people, like us, on crypto and the benefits of buying Bitcoin. Supporting young entrepreneurs like he once was with making sensible investments, sharing his story and the investments he has made to bring RGifts to the position we are at today.

rgifts ceo rhys king