Meet The Team

The RGifts Dream Team


Rhys King

RGifts Founder & CEO

Outside of running my businesses, I am fanatical about cars and motorbikes. From an early age growing up with a few acres of land, I use to drive cars around the fields and this is where my passion stemmed from.

Follow my personal story, and let me share with you my insights into Bitcoin and the work I am doing with charities and Young Entrepreneurs. Don’t forget to connect with me on my social channels.


Florina Cirstoiu

PA to Rhys King

My name is Flo and I’ve been with the company for almost 3 years working as Rhys’s PA. I originally come from a small village in Romania called Petrosani. I moved to Cardiff 5 years ago after graduating with a management degree and I spend half my time here in Cardiff and the other half just outside Aberdeen in Scotland.

My passions include dancing, photography, and nature and I enjoy walking around the countryside in my spare time. I can speak three languages fluently, Romanian, English, and Spanish and can understand (and speak a little) Italian, French and Portuguese.


Yumaashis Setling

General Manager

If you’re wondering about the name, it’s Nepalese and I come from a long line of Gurkhas who have served the British Crown.  

I’ve been working here at RGifts for just over a year now. My job is to bring everyone together to play their parts. So if this were an orchestra, our Director writes the music and I simply conduct it. However what genre really depends on the day!

Outside work (and at work some would say) I’m overly enthusiastic about food. In fact, I’m banned from 2 establishments that offer eating challenges. I’m also fond of National Geographic and speak 5 languages.


    Marek Vavrečan


    I convert caffeine into code.
    I am a full stack software developer from Bratislava, Slovakia. I have been building web and mobile applications since he was 12. I have experience with all aspects of web development including front-end, back-end and database management. My favorite technologies are GoLang, VueJS and MongoDB. In my spare time, I like to travel, write music and code apps.

    Cristian Berceanu


    I’m Cristian, one of the lead devs working on everything software in Rgifts: from our customer-facing websites to automating internal processes. I wrote my first line of code for the company 5 years ago when Rhys initially contracted Marek and I to rewrite one of our older sites. Later that year, we both joined Rgifts as full time developers and we’ve seen nothing but growth ever since. Outside of work I enjoy practising kiteboarding, reading, learning about specialty coffee and last but not least, spending time with my partner and my chocolate lab Aida.

    Hero Grigoraki

    Head of Marketing

    Hero is my actual name, believe it or not, though not to be associated with the tragic love story of Hero & Leander.

    Have been in digital marketing since forever, in various capacities/channels/verticals/countries. Now the Head of Marketing at RGifts and the resident Greek & general loudmouth.

    Citizen of the world, speak 5 languages (some better than others, but I get by), fixated with Terry Pratchett and abstract expressionism.


    Jemma Wilson-Whyborn

    Corporate Accounts Manager

    “My name is Jemma (with a ‘J’) and I’m the corporate accounts manager for RGifts. I’ve been with the company since my move to Cardiff in 2018 and they’ve been stuck with me ever since!

    I really enjoy working for a company where I can just bombard people with my Space-facts they didn’t want, need or even ask for. Generally, I’m a bit of a homebody and enjoy just spending time at home with my friends, playing video games and re-watching the same 10 horror films again and again.

    I think my favourite celestial object is probably Fomalhaut because 1) Just to look at, it’s definitely giving Lord of the Rings vibes, 2) It was the first star found with a Visible Exoplanet and 3) It’s actually the only “bright” star in its area of sky, so it’s sometimes referred to as the lonely star.”


    Ryan Evans

    Customer Service Supervisor

    I have been working for RGifts since August 2020. I assist with the training and development as well as agent schedules and reports to measure our workload and performance. I also help operate the social media responses from customer service as well as determining the best Influencers to collaborate with, to help promote our brand and take us to the next level! 

    In my spare time I love going to restaurants, watching/playing football and learning about cryptocurrencies. 

    Fun fact – I worked on a farm in Australia picking fruit for 3 months and the farmer even gave me my own tractor!


    Tobias O'Reilly

    Warehouse Manager

    I’m Tobias, outside of work I spend most of my time on music writing, practicing, recording, gigging and busking on the streets of Cardiff (not since Covid unfortunately).
    I perform with 3 bands and have a solo album. 
    I have been with RGifts almost since the beginning. I am recently moved into the warehouse management position.
    Fun fact – I am the last of 10 siblings!
    You can check out my music here:

    Slawomir Nieciecki

    Senior operations Assistant

    I’m Slawomir Nieciecki – originally from Poland.
    Since December 2018 I have started work for RGifts as a printing assistant, currently as a printing technician.
    My passion is nature and I’m interested in climate change – I cycle to work.


      Ryan Townsend

      Customer Service Agent

      I joined RGifts in October 2020, and as well as answering calls, live chats and emails, I also help run our Trust Pilot pages – you can usually tell when you’re speaking to me as my emails and messages are littered with smiley faces!

      I’m really interested in statistics and data, so if I’m not assisting customers then you’ll find me working with Microsoft Excel to pick out trends and help identify any problems or issues.

      Outside of work, I spend a lot of my time binge-watching Netflix and picking out the names for the dozen cats I’ll own one day.

      Fun fact – my celebrity obsession is Simon Pegg, with Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End being my favourites of his movies!

        Paige Mothersole

        Paige Mothersole

        Customer Service Agent

        Hi I’m Paige!
        I’m originally from Newcastle, but recently moved to Cardiff and have been living here for the past year. I’m already losing the Geordie accent…
        I started here at RGifts as a Customer Service Agent in August and have loved meeting everyone. Although it is a small team, everyone is super kind, friendly and willing to help each other!
        I absolutely love animals but dogs in particular are my favourite. My passions include dancing and swimming!